Kolari Vision Infrared

Kolari Vision full spectrum camera: authentic infrared with a modded Canon PowerShot

Getting the infrared look authentically using a hacked PowerShot and speciality filters

Digital infrared photography can be expensive. First, you have to buy a “normal” digital camera, then pay a third party company (like Kolari Vision) to convert it to full-spectrum / infrared. There are “faux” infrared options out there including mobile apps, Lightroom presets and Photoshop edits, but to shoot true infrared, you have to use a camera that can see infrared light.

If you’ve been tempted to get into infrared photography but have felt the barrier to entry was too high, there’s an affordable full-spectrum PowerShot camera you can buy from Kolari Vision.

Kolari converts these old PowerShots to full-spectrum, adds a filter mount to the retractable lens, and sells a variety of small screw-on filters for different color effects.

In this video, I review the Kolari Vision PowerShot to see what it can do.

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