Bluetti EB70

Bluetti EB70 review: portable power anywhere

Powerful solution for charging camera and drone batteries in the field

The Bluetti EB70 is a portable power station designed for on-the-go battery charging and power anywhere and everywhere. The battery boasts 700 watts of power, 716Wh (watt hours), a variety of USB and AC outlets, plus a handful of unique features.

I’m interested in the EB70 because keeping camera, drone, phone and laptop batteries charged can be challenging — especially when boondocking or camping without power.

Does the Bluetti EB70 do the job? Let’s find out.

Inputs and outputs

The Bluetti EB70 has 12 outputs on the front: four AC outlets, two PD 100W USB-C ports, two 5V/3A USB-A ports, one 12V/10A car port, two 12V/3A DC ports, and one 15W wireless charging pad on top.

There’s also a screen that displays (in watts) how much power is flowing in, out, plus a battery gauge illustrating how much charge is left. When the EB70 runs out of power it may be recharged by plugging it into a standard household wall outlet (where it fully recharges in about four-and-a-half hours) or a vehicle’s 12V DC outlet (where it fully recharges in about seven-and-a-half hours). The power station comes with cables for both.

The EB70 also has an integrated LED light that can be set to full brightness, half brightness, or a blinking SOS flash mode. The light draws only three watts, and is a surprisingly useful feature when using the EB70 outdoors in the dark.

The EB70 also comes with a solar charging cable for use with Bluetti solar panels (sold separately) for true, off-grid recharging power anywhere you need it.

Battery charging

For my use,  camera batteries, drone batteries, and devices with rechargeable internal batteries are a constant challenge. I tested a variety of batteries of devices I owned to see how many times they could be charged using a fully-charged Bluetti EB70, and how long the EB70 could perform these charges before it ran out of power.

Here are the results:

Watt Hours



Bluetti EB70 Battery life

GoPro Battery

8.6 Wh

3 watts

74 charges

128 hours


11 Wh

9 watts

58 charges

71 hours

Canon LP Battery

15.34 Wh

9 watts

46 charges

71 hours

Sony NPF Battery

16.28 Wh

5 watts

39 charges 

128 hours

DJI Air 2S Battery

40.42 Wh

36 watts

15 charges

18 hours

MacBook Pro (2016)

44.6 Wh

50 watts

14 charges

12 hours

Of particular interest to me are the DJI Air 2S batteries, for they last only 30 minutes. 15 charges with the Bluetti EB70 equates to just over 7 hours of drone flight time before the Bluetti would need to be recharged. For me that’s more than enough time for two to three days of aerial photo and video (assuming the EB70 wouldn’t be to charge anything else).

Continuous power

The Bluetti EB70 can also provide continuous power to non-rechargeable gear, including lights, monitors, audio recorders, and other equipment. (Note that the AC outputs are not grounded, so devices with three prongs may or may not function).

To test this out, I plugged in a Canon EOS R5 (with an AC battery adapter cable), an Atomos Ninja V monitor, and a SoundDevices MixPre-3 audio recorder. Hit record, and the three devices consumed 28 watts, which equates to 23 hours of record time with the Bluetti EB70 fully charged.

Bluetti EB70 Positives

The Bluetti EB70 is light enough for the average person to carry, and its integrated carrying handle is great. I also like the wireless charging pad on top, and the array of USB and AC ports provided. It’s also oddly satisfying checking the screen to see how much power is being drawn by different devices. I also like that a 12V DC cable for car charging is included.

I also like that the EB70 can be used for all kinds out outdoor activities, not just charging / powering photo and video gear. You can use it for a backyard movie night, powering lights at an outdoor party, a portable DJ setup, or whatever you dream up. The integrated LED light is also surprisingly handy.

Finally, the EB70 offers more for less money compared to similar power stations made by other companies. The EB70 has four AC ports (instead of only one or two), and higher charge capacity (720Wh).

Bluetti EB70 Negatives

First, the EB70 can get noisy. The unit has a loud internal fan that occasionally kicks on, which could cause problems if you were recording audio from a live microphone nearby.

The AC adapter wall charger is also big, bulky, and has its own internal fan that continuously runs when plugged in (whether or not the EB70 is connected). The design of it could be much improved.

Another negative, the EB70 will lose its charge – even when nothing plugged in – if the AC / DC output buttons are powered on. I accidentally left the AC outlets powered on a couple of times, and returned to find the EB70 battery nearly completely drained. Turns out there is an “ECO mode” you can enable that shuts the EB70 off automatically, but this setting isn’t on by default.

As for the aesthetics of the EB70 hardware, I received a mint green model from Bluetti, and I honestly don’t care for the color. I would much rather own a gray or black version, which Bluetti also thankfully sells.

Final thoughts

Overall, the Bluetti EB70 does the job for less money than similar power stations made by other companies. The EB70 would be a suitable travel companion when camping, boondocking, or providing power when shooting photos and videos outdoors in places where power isn’t available or convenient.

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Video review

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