Photographing the surreal landscapes of Glen Canyon, Utah

Trip to southern Utah to photograph one of the most unusual and beautiful landscapes in the United States

Recently I traveled to southern Utah to revisit the surreal landscape of Glen Canyon, Utah. Located just to the east of Big Water, a tiny town on the edge of Lake Powell, Glen Canyon is a public recreation area managed by the Bureau of Land Management. General rule of thumb, carry out whatever you bring in. No tickets, no passes, no opening or closing times. Very few visitors, as well.

When I first visited Glen Canyon a few years ago, I fell in love with its giant red boulders, blueish-white sand and crumbling hillsides. Unfortunately, I didn't take time to truly explore and experience it. I felt rushed, trying to squeeze as many locations as possible into a handful of days. As a result, I spent more time driving than creating images.

This time around, I slowed down, took my time, and focused all my attention in one area. It was an opportunity to experience a landscape on a deeper, more substantive level, and hopefully create better photographs as a result.

That experience from Glen Canyon is documented in the video embedded below.