Finding symmetry in the chaos of Hanksville, Utah

Returning to one of my favorite desert landscapes in southern Utah to find new subjects in an unexplored area

The desert around Hanksville, Utah is one of my favorite landscapes in the United States. The environment is raw, desolate, and sparsely visited in comparison to its neighboring state and national parks, yet possesses a unique and captivating beauty all its own.

I love its eroding hills, massive boulders, and swirling patterns of orange and red. The area is hot, bright and dusty most hours of the day, but turns cool, magical and ethereal at twilight. A small window of time when the sun sits low on the horizon, the sky turns purple and magenta, and the surrounding landscape is bathed in soft, ambient light.

In the video below, I bring you along while I search for compositions amongst the chaos, then return before dawn the following morning to create an image.

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