Alone for days in one of Utah's most beautiful canyons

Returning to one of my favorite landscapes in southern Utah for further exploration and photography

Almost exactly a year ago today, I hiked into an off-the-beaten-path canyon in Utah and was blown away by what I saw. Towering walls of white, mounds of rocks and debris, and gorgeous late-afternoon pastel colors. Before I knew it, the sun was setting, and I had to pack up my camera bag and fly home. Ever since, I've been thinking about that canyon and imagining what else might be there. What other secrets it contained.

This time, I did it right. I boon-docked in a camper van alongside the canyon so the landscape was easier to access (most notably at sunrise). However, the hiking was much harder this go around, for the canyon was now full of dense, prickly brush following months of unusually high rainfall, and temperatures climbed into the mid 90s each afternoon. Not fun conditions when hiking miles carrying heavy camera gear and supplies.

I've yet to fully explore all the images I captured in the canyon and surrounding area, but I was able to knock out a few, plus a behind-the-scenes video sharing some of my experience there. Audio gets a little windy in parts and could be better, but hopefully this gives you a sense of what it was like being there.

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