Limited edition Keeler Zine now available

Limited edition Keeler Zine now available

Announcing a new printed zine containing my favorite images from a recent photography project in Keeler, California.
🙌 Update: The zine sold out in less than 48 hours and is no longer available. Thanks to everyone for supporting my work! 😄

Happy to announce a limited edition zine containing twenty of my favorite images recently taken in Keeler, California, including some not featured in my video. The book measures 6 x 8.5" and is designed with a perfect bound spine, 100lb satin paper on the inside and 110lb soft touch laminate paper outside. The book also includes a written introduction (from me), and I'll be signing each copy. I'm also going to produce an exclusive video for zine purchasers that includes an image overview, how the images were edited, and thoughts on the zine making process.

Truth be told, the idea of printing a zine didn't occur to me until I was nearly finished editing, writing, and producing the video (sometimes it's hard to know what you've got until the finish line). It was then I saw the story as a whole, and thought it might translate well to print. So, I dusted off my past design experience with gutters, bleeds, and CMYK, and printed a one-off book through a professional printer to test the waters.

Net result? I love it. ❤️ The book looks and feels great, and I'm happy with how the images reproduced in four color. I'm going to polish and tweak a few things before the final zines are printed, just to make sure everything looks as good as possible, but the zine is pretty much done and ready to go.

I have no idea what demand for something like this will be, and don't have room for boxes of printed material, so I'm keeping things simple and limiting this zine to 150 copies. Once they're gone, they're gone, and I will not print a second batch.

Shipping is free is the United States, or $10 extra for international orders. I expect to start shipping these in late March or early April.

Interested? Order your limited edition copy today by clicking the button below: