DJI Air 2S Rec.709 LUTs
Sunset in Iceland

DJI Air 2S Landscape Rec.709 LUTs

Includes nine look-up tables (LUTs) that convert D-Log video footage from the Air 2S into the Rec.709 color space.

I’ve launched a new collection of “Landscape” D-Log to Rec.709 LUTs for the DJI Air 2S. This package includes nine (9) creative LUTs that transform D-Log footage from the DJI Air 2S into the standard Rec.709 color space. Eight of the LUTs apply a creative color grade, while one is a clean, filmic Rec.709 transform that provides a suitable baseline for additional color grading.

The downloadable package also includes complete installation and usage instructions, plus recommendations for how to configure the DJI Air 2S for optimum image quality. I also converted all the LUTs to XMP for color grading still images in Adobe Lightroom CC, Lightroom Classic and Adobe Camera RAW.

These LUTs are 3D LUTs in the .cube file format, and are compatible with all the popular video editing applications including DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut, Adobe Premiere Pro and others. If using a different editor, check its documentation to see if 3D LUTs in the .cube file format are supported.


Me flying my Air 2S in Iceland

These LUTs were inspired by the landscapes of Iceland, California, Utah, Arizona, and the Oregon coast. I created these color grades for my own Air 2S footage, and thought that other Air 2S users might enjoy using them as well. Includes a variety of creative looks ranging from warm to cool to bright, midday pastels for quick Log to Rec.709 transforms that look great with minimal effort.


Technically speaking, these LUTs can color grade D-Log footage captured using other DJI drones (eg, Mavic 2 Pro, Mavic 2 Zoom, Mavic 3). That said, D-Log is a little different on each drone, so these Rec.709 conversion may need a little extra work (adjusting exposure and contrast, mainly). Moving forward I hope to get my hands on other drones to create LUTs for them as well. But for now, there’s no harm using these with DJI drones besides the Air 2S.

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