Black Friday 2022 photography deals: my curated picks

Black Friday 2022 photography deals: my curated picks

Great deals on products I've reviewed and/or actively use for all my photo and video needs

Black Friday / Cyber Monday is without a doubt the best time of year to purchase cameras, lenses, bags, monitors, memory cards, SSD drives, software, and so much more. And with inflation eating into everyone's wallet, any opportunity to save money is a welcome change!

I'm only sharing links to products I've reviewed and/or used and can personally vouch for. There are, of course, plenty more deals to find online, but I'd rather not link to products and services I don't have experience with. If looking for a general list of Black Friday deals, check out B&H's Black Friday 2022 page.

FYI, most of the links on this page are affiliated, which means I will receive a tiny referral credit at no additional cost to you. I'll be updating this page when/if anything new is announced.

Backblaze (20% off Personal Backup)

Backblaze Black Friday sale

I've used Backblaze for years to securely backup all my photos and videos in the cloud. They've come to my rescue multiple times, restoring files that were accidentally deleted or lost because of a hard drive crash. I also love how it quietly runs in the background, uploading and protecting files from my OWC ThunderBay. For Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2022, Backblaze is offering 20% off personal backup plans by entering coupon code BLAZEON22.

PolarPro (20% off storewide)

PolarPro's Black Friday 2022 deals includes 20% off many of their excellent neutral density filters, circular polarizers, and mobile products. They're also offering steep discounts on their BaseCamp and Summit filter kit systems, the latter of which I reviewed (see video above). All PolarPro filters have great construction and quality glass.

Peak Design (10-30% off through 11/28)

This video is craaaaaazy...

Peak Design is known in the photo and video industry for their sharp designs and clever features. Quite simply, they make some of the best gear around. For Black Friday 2022, Peak Design is cutting prices across many of their most popular products, including:

  • 10% off mobile mounts and accessories, Everyday bags, Travel bags, and packing tools
  • 15% off straps and clips
  • 30% off the Everyday case

(Note: Currently working on review of the 45L Travel Backpack. Expect to see that soon).

Topaz Labs (35% off "Everything Bundle")

Topaz Labs released two remarkable products this year — Photo AI and Video AI. Photo AI denoises, sharpens, and upscales photos, while Video AI upscales low resolution video, improves sharpness and clarity, and magically creates slow motion footage from any source footage. I reviewed both, and found them to be remarkable utilities. For Black Friday 2022, Topaz is selling all their apps - Photo AI, Video AI, plus their legacy Denoise AI, Sharpen AI and Gigapixel AI apps (which have mostly been folded inti Photo AI) - in one "Everything Bundle" for $279. That's less than the retail price of Video AI by itself, so you're basically getting Photo AI for free with Video AI (which is great). Check out this deal and download free trials by clicking the link below.

DxO photo editing apps (up to 50% off through 11/28)

One of my favorite photo editing apps is DxO PureRAW, an amazing image pre-processing application that de-noises and sharpens raw files using meticulous, custom built camera and lens profiles created by DxO. I'm also a fan of PhotoLab, for it bundles the core functionality of PureRAW with additional editing tools similar to Lightroom and Capture One.

For Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2022, DxO has slashed the price of both of the aforementioned apps and more for new DxO customers. Free downloadable trials of all products available for macOS and Windows.

Canon bodies and lenses (save hundreds!)

As you probably know, I'm a big fan of Canon camera bodies and lenses. Have used them for years, with the EOS R5 being my main workhorse camera for capturing photos and videos. I'm also a fan of the EOS R6, which I use primarily as a b-cam for videos. Canon is currently running a holiday sale, knocking $200 off the R5, plus great deals on other EOS R bodies and RF lenses. The RF lenses listed below I've used and can vouch for. For more Canon bodies and lenses currently on sale at B&H, click here.

ProMediaGear (15% off all ProMediaGear items)

Every tripod, ball head, bracket, gimbal and accessory made by ProMediaGear is 15% off  for Black Friday (discount applied after adding to cart). I'm a big fan of the ProMediaGear TR344L (it's the tripod you see in all my videos), and their ball heads are very high quality. Seriously good gear that's made in the USA. Disclaimer: I'm a brand ambassador for ProMediaGear

Rode Wireless Go II (22% off)

Me wearing the Rode Wireless Go II

I use the Rode Wireless Go II whenever I'm out in the field creating new landscape images. Always works well, with solid range and dependability. I'm an especially big fan of how the microphones can record backup audio tracks internally, just in case something goes awry with the wireless transmitter or camera. That feature has saved me multiple times, and is one of the big reasons I continue to use the Wireless Go. For Black Friday / Cyber Monday, Rode has slashed 22% off this very popular wireless dual mic set.

iFootage (22% off everything)

iFootage is offering 22% off all their photo and video products, including their excellent new line of "Anglerfish" daylight balanced LED lights (check out my review here). iFootage also makes excellent monopods, tripods, magic arms and other accessories that are all worth checking out. Discounted prices for Black Friday are added automatically in-cart.

Benro GD3WH 3-Way Geared Tripod Head (30% off)

Me with the Benro GD3WH

One of my favorite purchases last year was the Benro GD3WH 3-way geared tripod head. It's not the prettiest or most elegant tripod head, but it is supremely customizable and adjustable when making small, minute adjustments to a mounted camera. I use it all the time when shooting photos and videos for this website and videos on my YouTube channel.

Moment MagSafe phone mounts (up to 50% off)

Moment multi-threaded MagSafe mount

I haven't had a chance to talk about these yet, but Moment makes fantastic MagSafe camera mounts for mobile photography and videography. The MagSafe Tripod Mount is simple, clean, and works beautifully for horizontal and portrait orientations, but I'm especially fond of their MagSafe Multi-threaded Mount. This is essentially a magnetized cheese plate for mounting magic arms or other accessories. Makes mounting and positioning newer iPhones super easy, especially for overhead photos and videos.

SanDisk 256GB UHS-II SD card (30% off)

I've used SanDisk SD cards for as long as I can remember, and I've never had a problem with them. I own a number of these 256GB UHS-II SDXC memory cards, and they work great. Note that these are UHS-II cards with transfer speeds of 300 MB/s, which is notably faster than the older UHS-I version.

Manfrotto Flex Loader Backpack (25% off)

Manfrotto Flex Loader Backpack

Manfrotto's excellent Flex Loader Backpack has been marked down 25% for Black Friday. I reviewed this pack earlier this year, and thought it was a smart, well designed and comfortable camera bag. Since publishing that review I've used the bag more, and my opinion hasn't changed (still great bag!). Many more Manfrotto deals over at B&H (scroll down) if there's something else you're looking for.

TourBox Elite (20% off)

TourBox Elite
TourBox Elite

For me, editing photos is so much nicer and more intuitive using the TourBox Elite (20% off). I love that it fits into my existing workflow (keyboard and mouse), and is there when I want it, and out of the way when I don't. Plenty of programmable buttons for manipulating sliders in Lightroom, a big dial in the middle for adjusting brush size, and plenty of customization options through its desktop utility for macOS and Windows. Check out my review of the TourBox Elite for more, if interested!

Adobe Creative Cloud (up to 25% off)

The 800lb gorilla of photo and video software is offering 25% off new Creative Cloud plans for the first year. Lightroom, Lightroom Classic, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and more. I would assume most people reading my site already have an account (or are using alternatives from other companies), but new users can save a good bit of money with this deal. Wish I could take advantage of it!

Capture One (up to 50% off)

Speaking of alternatives to Lightroom, Capture One has slashed the price of perpetual licenses and subscriptions by 40%, styles by 50%. If you already have a license for Capture One, there's a discount for you as well. If you've never tried Capture One and are looking for software you can buy and own, it's definitely worth trying out.